With Sage, Archangel Michael &
Ascended Masters

This transformation program goes beyond other success coaching because it is far more holistic and everything we do together is guided by Spirit and blessed by your angels.

Your V.I.P. Golden Portal Program includes 6 (six) In-Depth 1:1 Omnidimensional Angelic Healings™/, life-changing private VIP Days, for optimal support.

The Golden Portal Program includes 6 months of the Prosperous Goddess Mastermind and Spiritual Abundance LOOT CAMP Immersion for Women, home study materials and accountability coaching.

Choose the personal plan that is best for you. Healing sessions are run by Spirit, customized for your needs and will help you heal even lifelong issues quickly because we go to the original cause and heal it on ALL levels:
Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit.



GET THE CLARITY YOU NEED about your life purpose & destiny, identify your right livelihood and joyfully go through your Golden Portal so you can passionately fulfill your purpose AND prosper at the same time.


Learn powerful BEYOND LAW OF ATTRACTION methods for MANIFESTING ANYTHING you want. You will use these tools for the rest of your life and they can be applied to ANY desire: abundance, love, health… You name it, Sage will help you claim it!


EXPERIENCE OMNIDIMENSIONAL™, OMNITEMPORAL™ HEALING (Sage is the ONLY catalyst for this angelic, shamanic soul healing on Planet Earth!) So you SET YOURSELF FREE from past-life karma, childhood or other wounds, you reprogram limiting beliefs and you vibrationally align with love, health, wealth and happiness so you can finally SUCCEED AND ENJOY LIFE TO THE FULLEST!


Be lovingly and powerfully guided through step-by-step, proven holistic exercises that will help you reduce stress, deepen self-love and experience more inner peace, joy, harmony and balance in your life…


ENHANCE YOUR INTUITION, MASTER THE FLOW OF ENERGY and deepen your connection to Source and your own guides and angels so you get clear guidance more and more each day (and stop wasting time, money and energy on choices that are not right for you)


Move forward and get results with intuitive, heart-centered, motivational coaching for maximum accountability and ongoing support to optimize your transformation and success.


HEAL YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY so you can FEEL and actually BE abundantly prosperous, with money to pay all your bills on time, plus extra money for helping others, travel, and fun - while you do what you really love!


Who is Golden Portal Healing & Coaching for?

This is the right transformation program for you:

If you are seriously ready to get unstuck and really line up with the joyous life that you came here to live.

If you are ready to get totally empowered so you experience more health, true wealth, deeply satisfying relationships, creative work that is love in action, and personal and financial freedom and happiness.

If you want to connect more with your angels and spirit guides so you feel God's love, see energy and hear the Voice of Spirit.

If you want to spend your time doing what you love, and spend more quality time with the people you love
-- so you can enjoy life so much more.

If you are fed up worrying about money and you want to
make PLENTY of money as you fulfill your life purpose.

If you are still struggling to figure out what you really came
to Planet Earth to do... ("What do I want to do when I grow up?" !)

Or if you need to MAGNETIZE AND MONETIZE your right livelihood/ soulwork business to a whole new level of wealth and greater visibility as a Lightworker, healer, artist, spiritual teacher, writer... So you can actually do what you love and the money really DOES follow!

If you want to break free from your soul-sapping “day job”
(golden handcuffs or being undervalued) because you know deep down that isn’t who you ARE.

Maybe you just know you are at a phase in your life when you are ready to focus on YOU. Your Big Dream. Your destiny. Ready to determine your next chapter.

Ready to rediscover YOUR passions and - finally! - be the star in your own show instead of just the one who supports everyone else's dreams.

If there is a burning desire deep within your soul to make more of a difference and do work that is a joyous, creative, meaningful expression of your authentic self and your values...

If you resonate with this, then your personalized Golden Portal healing and coaching program will change your life!

There will never be a better time because the bottom line is that your time IS your life.
NOW is the time. Can you feel that?

The choice is yours:

You can harness the powerful energy of 2012 to propel yourself forward with this support from SAGE and the angels, or you can stay where you are at, frustrated, worried and uncertain.

Are you ready to prosper, thrive and SHINE?

Life is too short to stay stuck another day. It’s time to take the leap through your Golden Portal of success so you follow your bliss and the money really does follow.

By now, you already realize it is not so easy to do this on your own. And if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting!

Your new personalized transformation program will begin in January 2013. Your Golden Portal program includes:


One in-depth session per month with Sage, the archangels and ascended masters. This will be either an Omnidimensional™ or I AM Healing (Intuitive Angelic Miracle) deep soul healing session, or a VIP Day. VIP Days diagnose the true condition of your chakras, aura and exactly how to heal on all levels. They are done at the beginning and after your series of healing sessions as a follow-up scan and channeling because your energy, goals and needs will be quite different after these powerful healings!

Click here for more about Omnidimensional Healing Modality™ (OHM)
and Intuitive Angelic Miracle™ (I AM) Healing.
Click here for more about VIP Days.


Laser Coaching (Available as an Early Bird BONUS for Ultimate 6-Session Level) In weeks when you don’t have your in-depth session. Three times each month you will have an opportunity – by phone or email - to report in, ask questions & get support directly from Sage, from both an intuitive and success coaching perspective, so you stay on track and get results. Sage personally and lovingly responds and helps you “course correct” and keep your motivation strong so you stay focused and keep moving forward. No other coaching program offers this degree of continuous support & intuitive angelic guidance!


For women: FULL membership in The Prosperous Goddess Mastermind during your Golden Portal enrollment. Includes LIVE coaching calls per month (by teleseminar/webcast/Skype) with Angelic TelAttunements! Plus spiritual Law of Attraction & metaphysical training and a positive, fun, lively online community of Prosperous Goddess sisterhood and masterminding!

For men: You will get a bonus hour with Sage every 3 months instead of the Prosperous Goddess program.

Click here for more about the Prosperous Goddess Mastermind.


ALL the home-study materials you need. For example your may indicate you are focusing on self-love, love, right livelihood, intuitive development, healing a certain chakra or issue, or manifesting abundance. Sage provides all the re-SOURCEs that will empower you to heal yourself and improve your life, drawn from her vast library of channeled audios, exercises and life-changing writings.


BONUS: REIKI MASTER TRAINING DISCOUNT: Sage teaches Accelerated Reiki Master Intensives near Sacramento. Sage is including a $200 coupon toward any Reiki certification weekend as a special benefit for her Golden Portal clients in 2013. You can become a fully accredited Reiki Master by the end of the weekend! Sage feels that this training, which also includes shamanic psychic surgery & energy scanning, is an EXCELLENT toolbox for Lightworkers so she is making it super affordable for you to become a Reiki Master powerfully, quickly and easily. (Click here for details.)


VIP Priority scheduling. Golden Portal clients are able to book appointments much more quickly and easily than others, who may have to wait months for "a la carte" healing or coaching sessions or may not be able to access Sage and this level of healing and abundance coaching at all. SAGE is focusing on working with committed clients in 2012 because this mutual commitment creates an energetic container for our powerful work, facilitating amazing shifts for all of her clients ready for this level of success.


MP3 Recordings. All your in-depth sessions and s are recorded and sent to you via MP3 so you can listen to the channelings as often as you like and you don’t miss a single bit of higher wisdom. You keep these forever.


Special prayers and energy healing by Sage on your behalf during your program, at no additional charge. Your name is kept on Sage's altar and you may make special prayer requests.

Once you’ve experienced your Shift, there is NO LIMIT to what you can achieve. Like how it was for Jolen, who QUADRUPLED HER INCOME IN 2 MONTHS!


“Sage's coaching program helped me finally clear out blocks so I could become abundant and succeed in my business as never before.

I quadrupled my clientele & income during the first 2 months & my money & business just keep growing!

I am now consistently able to shift any thoughts about lack to focus on abundance as a result of the prosperity consciousness work with Sage. And I am experiencing truly amazing spiritual shifts!


Sage's course is not just a typical success program. It's a life-enhancing, complete system for transforming your relationship with yourself, money, and Spirit.”
- Jolen Philbrook, CCHT, Transformation Coach


Or how it was for Andrea, who went from "lost" to "in love with life"! Would you like to experience this kind of reconnection to your true self and find YOUR joy again?


"Before I started working with you, Sage, I felt lost. I was just existing.

You’ve helped me find myself.

My eyes have been opened to a different world, a different way of being. I’m a whole lot more connected with Spirit. I have this giddy feeling!

I feel LOVE more and more of the time, love of myself, it’s like I’m in love with God and with life!

You speak the truth like I’ve never heard it before. You are the real deal, honest to goodness, you are the voice of God.

Whatever price you charge, it’d be money well spent. I’ve had Reiki and holistic healing from a lot of other healers, but with the Angelic Omnidimensional™ & Reiki healing you do, there is this incredible, loving, comforting energy.

You are a wonderful spiritual teacher, life coach, counselor and healer.

Anyone who is considering working with you should know this:

Sage will empower you more than can even be described or imagined.

Sage supports you on your own journey and will even help you see and hear Spirit for yourself.
If you want to improve your life and awaken as a spirit, you need to see Sage."

~ Andrea Eastman


(No extra charge)

Sage has a special invitation:
"We can do your entire program by phone, Skype and email.
I have clients all over the globe and everything, including Omnidimensional Healing™, can be done quite successfully this way because there are no limitations at the level of Spirit and energy.

However, to add another depth dimension to your healing and coaching program, plus the fun of travel, you may wish to fly or drive in (if you are not local) and treat yourself to one VIP Day and one Omnidimensional Healing™ IN PERSON as a RETREAT.

My team can arrange for affordable lodging nearby at a nice hotel for you for one or more nights, whatever you desire,so you can experience

You will go home totally recharged, focused and ready to leap into action, through your Golden Portal! Does that sound exciting? I look forward to working with you!

Much Love and Abundant Blessings, Sage


"Sage, I cannot thank you enough. You have simply been the most influential person in my entire life. I use the techniques you taught me for self-healing, spirituality and positive manifestation every day. You are a true sage!"
~ Shannon Nelson



"Sage conducted a PsyCAM™ session with me and I was amazed by her insight and moved by the love that pours out of her heart and permeates everything that she writes and says. Her prayers are beyond beautiful and her knowledge about what my body, mind, and spirit need to heal and flourish deeply resonated with me.

I highly recommend the PsyCAM™ to ANYONE....no matter how healthy they think they are. The in-depth knowledge about why you are, who you are, and where you are going is empowering and clarifying in such a positive and joyous way. I am deeply grateful to Sage and the precious gifts she shared with me."

~ Dr. Lori Siemens



"I feel so much more positive about money now! And I’m attracting it more easily. I manifested thousands of dollars to pay for a new engine, a new roof for my home and to pay off credit cards. I was thoroughly surprised by the power of Sage's channeled TelAttunements.

"My passion for life is much higher. I’m calmer, more confident, relaxed and people even say I look happier!

"Sage's prosperity program changed my life!"
- Deborah Brooks, CPA


I'd love to learn more about being one of your VIPs in 2013, Sage!

I have a very limited number of openings for highly committed clients, so the way to get started is either to sign up for the VIP Experience, which is a 1-week in-depth 8 hour intuitive coaching, aura and chakra scan and drawing, spiritual counseling and metaphysical training with me…. OR You can apply for a no-cost "Is this a mutual fit?" Discovery Session right here.

I cannot guarantee you will get a Discovery Session, but I encourage you to apply if you are so guided! If you want to be sure to experience being a VIP with me in a very transformational way, go ahead and invest in your Future Self and your Best Life (your blessed life!) by signing up for the VIP Experience.

Click here to sign up for or learn about VIP Week


Click here to apply for no-cost Discovery Session

P.S. By now you have a good sense of what these resources and private sessions can do for you and for your success.

There are only 2 possible reasons why you may be still wondering if you should take action so you can get aligned energetically with the success you deserve and want so very much.

First: If you are thinking you can't afford it, what is it costing you every month to stay blocked regarding money? As a RESULT of saying yes to this powerful breakthrough work, you stand to receive so much more financial wealth and gain hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of times your investment flowing toward you for many years to come.

Second: If you are worried about the time, much of the "work" is designed for busy people like you. You can listen to the Aligning with Abundance audio while you sleep, for example. Much of the self-healing you will be taught to do in your private healing & channeling sessions or VIP Day will be practices that are a shift in consciousness and how you run your energy. The more you implement the recommendations from Spirit and the angels, the more quickly you will create change and manifest more money and all you desire.

***NOTE: One of the important HUGE benefits of advanced spiritual healing and coaching at this level is that you will ENHANCE YOUR INTUITION AND CONNECT MORE WITH YOUR GUIDES AND ANGELS.

How much time, money and energy will that save you for the rest of your life by being more on track with your best path?

There is ONE reason to say yes that is really the most important of all:

You love yourself enough to heed the inner YES so you can ACCELERATE your happiness, your abundance, your ability to help others -- and your passion for life.

Together, working with Spirit and your angels, we can make 2012 your best year yet. Listen to the voice of Love within you. If this is resonating in your heart and soul, I look forward to serving you, supporting you and celebrating your success!

With Love, Sage

SAGE is a Spiritual Abundance & Business Coach, Archangel Michael and ascended masters channel, acclaimed author and dynamic speaker specializing in helping women prosper while fulfilling their passionate life purpose. After struggling for a decade to make money as a holistic practitioner after her spiritual awakening in 1994, Sage discovered powerful life-changing methods for aligning with life purpose AND prosperity at the same time.

Over the past 17 years, Sage has helped thousands of clients worldwide make their own leap into freedom and abundance and now makes a 6-figure income working out of her home, while raising 2 children and enjoying a wonderful marriage to her Twin Flame soulmate.

Creator of the P3 "Passion~Purpose~Prosperity!" system and "Prosperous Goddess" programs, Sage quadrupled her right livelihood income in only 90 days using these revolutionary prosperity consciousness tools that bridge Science & Spirit.

SAGE's prosperity products and programs are internationally renowned. Her first book, The Radical Self-Love Workbook, is now in 8 countries. She has presented at many venues including sharing the stage with T. Harv Eker, Barbara DeAngelis and Marianne Williamson at Peak Potentials (an audience of 930).

More than an intuitive, more than an energy healer, and more than a coach, Sage's clients call her an Intuitive Transformation Catalyst because she moves energy!

Sage specializes in helping spiritual women make more money while they make more of a difference, prosper, thrive and shine!

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